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Necromancing my blog

Starting to blog again

The last few years have been great for me.

My girlfriend and I bought a house 🏡, and we’ve done all sorts of DIY I wouldn’t dream of being able to. I learned it’s great fun to do because you can immediately see/bear the the fruits of your work. It was tiring, which was one of the reasons I didn’t pursue blogging anymore.

I’ve had success with my team, I started a new team with a valued colleague of mine, primarily focused on Deployment and Automation 🚀 (DNA). This was a large step from the usual break/fix day to day of my previous team, although we were mostly involved in building new solutions. So, more PowerShell, Bicep, Azure DevOps, and GitHub for us now, although I see more and more cool stuff coming from our Managed Services team, I could learn a lot from them. Our DNA-team is growing and we’ve some new challenges we want to overcome, and goals and we want to accomplish.

I’ve had two challenges within my blog, one was that I was so hard-focused on the quality of posts that none of my drafts was good enough. This meant that I had prior to this post, 12 draft articles on all kinds of things that just weren’t up to standard, nor I had the motivation to get them there.

My other challenge was more or less related to that, I never seemed to have found peace with my past career change. I’ve had years of chasing a potential med-school position, but each time it just didn’t work out, either financially or I didn’t pass a certain test. This duped my confidence in my capabilities to learn things and since then I more or less avoided challenges. From time to time, I would find something cool in Azure or DevOps and learn a lot about it, as I was used to on all the med stuff, but it would fade away after that. My blogs followed this cadence, a sudden spike of motivation and, then nothing.

This, atop our moving houses and DIY things, led to no more blogging. But over the past few months, I found some renewed confidence again. I made a little peace with my past and found some motivation to blog again. I also learned you can read all the fancy quotes on coping with failure as a topic, but you don’t know until you know. My blogs don’t have to be perfect, but if there might be some/any value in them for anyone, then it’s there for them.

I dumped all my previous draft blogs and will start writing some new ones soon. I have to do something with that paid-for domain anyway right 😄. Lastly I moved to a new Hugo theme with minimal JS in it and removed tracking via Azure Application Insights.

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