About me

I’m 30 years old, working at InSpark at the Azure Infrastructure Engineering team. I’m mostly focused on Azure, deployment and automation. I have specific area of expertise, more allround. Aside from day to day operations and changes, I’m also developing at an internal team which builds management and deployment tooling for our colleagues.

My personal tech focus for 2021 is primairly on a few topics:

  • ‘Mastering’ safe and reliable application delivery on Azure, using Azure Front Door, API-Management, CDN etc.
  • Getting comfortable with using and developing Azure Bicep templates
  • Building scaleable, reusable and serviceable pipelines in Azure DevOps and GitHub
  • Improving my diminishing PowerShell skills, in specific my Pester, scripting and module development.
  • Focus on creating a scaleable, customizable uniform approach of deploying cloud governance in Azure using Azure Policies
  • Attaining a ‘good-enough’ level of mastery of AKS and K8s, to be able to deploy and manage our customer workloads.

I built myself a pretty sweet Twitter tech bubble, so you can always reach me at @Manbearpiet on Twitter and GitHub. On a day to day basis I’m usually in for a chat (i.e. on the PowerShell Discord!), trying to help out others or asking for help myself.

Not everything is work with me, I’m happily living with my girlfriend and enjoy watching movies and series, reading bio’s and fiction, reading tech stuff. My spare time is mostly filled with games like Battlefield 5, Left 4 Dead 2 and Satisfactory, tinkering with pc-hardware and reading about new tech stuff.

You can reach me at: